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Workshop Price List

Silver Service - £45 + vat

Setting up gears and brakes, checking the tightness of headset and cranks, checking the tightness of bars, seat, also including a wheel true and inflate tyres.

Full Service - £75.00 + vat

Includes basic service plus fully strip down of your bike, rebuilding bike, greasing bearings and re-threading headset and bottom bracket

Brake Service - £25.00 + vat

Check cables and pads, re-tighten springs, fully set up brakes

Hydraulic Service - £35.00 + vat

Setting up both front and rear brakes, inspect for wear and tear

Gear Service - 25.00 + vat

Setting up both front and rear gears, greasing the chain, chain wheels ans cassette

Bottom Bracket - £17.50 + vat

Remove old parts, Re-thread and face, re-lube, insert new parts

Headset Fitting £15.00 + vat

Remove old parts, re-face and press new parts


Wheel True From £12.50 + vat


Wheel Building From £25.00 + vat

Remove old spokes, re-lace and true with new spokes


Inner tube Replacement - £8 + vat

Remove old tube, check rim and tyre, re-inflate tube


Any other enquiries please ask in-store


Please note no parts are included


All mechanics are trained to cytech level 2 and DT SWISS wheel building. All certificates are in-store